In 2011, the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) launched the Gamata Marketing initiative in collaboration with the University of Moratuwa to uplift grassroots level entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level from where they stand at present through streamlining their focus, attitudes and orientation towards providing customer-oriented product offerings.

By providing them with the means to become entrepreneurs and economically productive citizens, Gamata Marketing enables them to move up the economic pyramid and enjoy a better quality of life, while gaining greater wealth and social acceptance. The project was initiated under the guidance of Tilan Wijeysekara, the then President of the Institute.


Fisheries Industry in Matara

Matara District is located in the middle of the South of Sri Lanka and it has an area of 1,283 sq km. Population of the District is 831,000 (The Ministry of Economic Development). Fisheries industry in Matara laid its base long ago. In 1972 there were only 2413 households engaged in fishing.

Fisheries Industry in Sri Lanka

It makes sense that not only catching fish alone, but also saving fish for the next generation is deemed to be the Fishery industry. As far as the Fisheries industry in Sri Lanka is concerned, it contributes for 1.8 percent of GDP at the current market prices (in 2013). Total fish production in 2013 was 512,840 metric tons and monitory value of the production was Rs. 156,358 million (Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development). Overall Fishing industry grew by 9.3 percent in 2012 (National Accounts of Sri Lanka, 2013).

The industry generates around 650,000 direct and indirect employments and contributes to the total 2.5% export earnings.

Innovative Products

Fish Ambulthiyal Fish Chilli Paste Fish Drumsticks Fish Fingers Fish Morju Fish Murukku Fish Noodles Fish Paste Fish Sauce Roasted Fish Fish Salmon Fish Burger Fish White Sauce